Posted on by Adam Goldberg


It was announced on a panel in New York's Comic Con yesterday that Warner Brothers Would be remastering Batman: The Animated Series for a brand new Blu-ray Launch. This information marks the anniversary of the classic TV series that began an whole world of animations for the FOX network.

The WB's PR representative Gary Miereanu made the statement when he had been giving off a DVD boxed set of Batman: TAS and stating that it could be the final time Warner Bros. will be giving it away on account of the new Blu-ray variant coming.

The remastered set is supposed to be released "later in the year" in 2018, but there is no word yet if there'll be a digital 4K launch combined with it or not. In addition, we do not know in different volumes such as the DVDs were or whether the WB intends to launch the individual packs that are Blu-ray together. We do not think that's extremely likely although they might have all 85 episodes on a single disk.



The information also follows last July's launch of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. It was a film that came in the original series.

It's the first time that the WB has touched this collection since 2004 and there are still a variety of fans seeking to continue to such traditional animated displays out of their own youth.