Posted on by Adam Goldberg

In 1982, Activision checked the speediest time on its Speedster computer game on the Atari 2600. The record holder was a gamer by the name of Todd Rogers, with a period of 5.51 seconds. As per Twin Galaxies, the present holders of computer game records, this score was likewise recognized by Guinness World Records. In 2017, be that as it may, Twin Galaxies associate, Dick Moreland, authoritatively debated Rogers' speed record, referring to examination by Eric Koziel that indicated such a speed record was scientifically unthinkable. Twin Galaxies has now chosen to expel the greater part of Rogers' speed time score and restrict him from future competition in any of its focused leader board records.

As confirmed by Polygon, Rogers never gave recorded evidence of his speed record, and his own blog gives just a superficial clarification of how he accomplished the record, perceived as the longest standing gaming record in April of a year ago. Twin Galaxies refers to "numerous credible sources confirming the veracity" of the software and investigation that nullified Rogers' score, and in addition "a significant amount of circumstantial evidence" that goes past his single score (which might be the reason they chose to strip him of all records).



Twin Galaxies commented in a forum thread, "We were not there, can not find any of the evidentiary materials they used at the time to confirm the score, and could not find anyone who would on-the-record testify that they directly saw the evidence that was presented to Activision."